Broken Frames Punk Rock Bowling Art Show


Get down to the festival grounds early and wander through a collective of visual gems masterly crafted by none other than our friends and family in the punk rock community! Walk the alleyways, sip some wine (YES! We finally have wine at PRB!) and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing skills of your peers! Hosted by our friends at Art Crisis, Vino Casasmith & Punk Rock Paintbrushes! The art show is free and all ages!

Featuring :

Artist : Shepard Fairey ♦ Chris Shary ♦ Natalia Fabia ♦ Fat Mike & Soma Snakeoil ♦ Jason Adams ♦ Tim McIlrath & Emily NielsenMatt Skiba ♦ Jennifer Precious Finch ♦ Warren Fitzgerald ♦ Steve Caballero ♦ Arnie Sakamoto ♦ Kaia Bellanca ♦ Jason Cruz ♦ Mike Gallo ♦ Patt Whelan  ♦ Todd Huber ♦ Ernie Parada ♦ Brian Walsby ♦ Sean Rowley ♦ Paul Kobriger ♦ Jennie Cotterill ♦ Brent Broza ♦

Photographers : Madison Stern  ♦ Lindsay Beaumont ♦ Andrew Repcik ♦ Denise Borders ♦ Chris Spiegel ♦ John Gilhooley ♦ Jason Dawes  ♦ Aaron Mattern ♦ Christina Preiss ♦ Todd Anderson ♦

About VINO Casasmith Wine : Award-winning winemaker Charles Smith is the founder of Washington’s largest winemaker-owned winery and is the 4th largest wine producer in the state. His wines continue to receive broad recognition from leading wine publications such as Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Wine & Spirits with 98 scores of 95 points and above, and 386 scores of 90 points and above. For more information visit