Friday, May 25th
Fremont Country Club
7 Seconds 12:05am ♦ Youth Brigade 11:10pm ♦ S.N.F.U. 10:15pm ♦ Pistol Grip 9:30pm ♦ Brand New Unit 8:45pm

BYO Records along with Punk Rock Bowling are thrilled to announce the first club show roll out, and it’s a doozy. The old school reunion is a nod to the legacy of BYO Records and features artists who have releases on the label from the past thirty five years.

Kicking things off will be a rare reunion of Canada’s best-kept secret, Brand New Unit! Followed by Pistol Grip, who released their classic album, “Shots from The Kalico Rose”, featuring the chant heavy sing-along “Cruxcifixion Politix!”

Another BYO favorite is Canada’s own S.N.F.U.! Chi Pig will eat your brain while singing the sweet sounds of “Cannibal Cafe,” “Misfortune,” and all their other frantic hits that solidified them in the annals of punk history!

Next up, the original Youth Brigade lineup is back! All three brothers will be there for a rare appearance and will perform their trademark anthemic tunes such as “Sink With California,” “Men In Blue,” and “Where Are All The Old Man Bars.” Trust us; they’ll be pulling out all the stops to celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of Punk Rock Bowling!

Closing the evening, and hailing from Reno, NV is the hardcore pioneers and one of the most influential punk bands of the 80’s, 7 Seconds! They released their first 3 albums with BYO including the classic debut, “The Crew” and have been going strong ever since. Brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth, along with Troy and Bobby will be tearing it up with songs like “Here’s Your Warning,” “Young til I Die,” and “Walk Together Rock Together,” just to name a few.

The featured artist for this show is Brian Walsby, the madman that designed this throwback poster, reminiscent of the “Walk Together, Rock Together” album cover he did for 7 Seconds! Walsby has been dedicated to sharing his talents as an artist, cartoonist and drummer to the punk scene since the 80’s. His iconic drawings have depicted everyone from The Circle Jerks, The Melvins, Void and many more. You can check out Walsby’s art at the PRB Art Exhibit that will be held at the festival grounds each day as well as our upcoming 20 Year Anniversary Book!