The-Murder-City-Devils, Le Butcherettes, Shame-Club-Show-2019-1080

PRB & Monster Energy have teamed up again and all we can say is… BANG! BANG!

The Murder City Devils are going to f@ck you up!! Seattle’s kings of garage punk will be bringing their massive attack with songs like Press Gang and Ready for More back to PRB. And people say, “lightening never strikes twice in the same place!”. 

Speaking of ferocious live shows, you do not want to miss one of the best bands coming out of the UK right now, shame! Blending the best influences from post punk bands like Joy Division and Killing Joke, with the intensiveness and power of bands like The Fall. We’ll be lucky if The Bunkhouse walls are still standing after this set! 

Making their PRB debut, we are stoked to have the beautifully abrasive powerhouse Le Butcherettes come over from Guadalajara, Mexico! Read More!