Provoking emotions through riotous music, visual discomfort, and youthful spirit has been a combustable recipe fueling punk rock for over 40 years. Punk Rock Bowling proudly lights the match igniting Graphic Anarchy, a celebration of the art of punk through collaboration, interpretation, and individual expression. The 2019 festival art show will feature works by punk art surrealist Winston Smith, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, the early NYHC photographs of Randall Underwood, and the illustrations of Chris Shary.

Winston Smith’s iconic hand carved, glued down, and photocopied montage style has been the blueprint for punk flyers and album covers since the late 1970’s. His artful abduction and manipulation of classic Madison Avenue imagery transforms the safe and mundane into politically charged pieces that have become punk rock classics, known and beloved from the early Dead Kennedy album covers and imagery, numerous pieces in the Alternative Tentacles discography, to the cover of the New Yorker and galleries world wide. Punk Rock Bowling is proud to share in the collaboration and curation of Graphic Anarchy: Art from the Alleyways, at Punk Rock Bowling May 25-27, 2019.

Adding gas to the fire, Punk Rock Bowling and Punk Rock & Paintbrushes are pairing our favorite photographers and visual artists to create a collaborative collection of PRB past and present.

The Graphic Anarchy Gallery is free and all ages, located on the PRB festival grounds.

Artist :

Winston Smith ♦ Chris SharyTim Armstrong ♦ Warren Fitzgerald ♦ Steve CaballeroPaul Kobriger ♦ Danielle DonahueKris MarchandShawn FoleyDanny Greene ♦ Mad Twins ♦ Mike Gallo

Photographers :

Randy Underwood ♦ Madison Stern  ♦ Lindsay Beaumont ♦ Todd Huber ♦ Andrew Repcik ♦ Jason Cook ♦ Brent BrozaStacie Stevenson ♦ John Gilhooley