Monday, May 27 | 2:40 - 3:00 PM
Festival Main Stage
Vegas punk icon and former disgruntled reality TV star, Dirk Vermin presents:

Dirk Vermin & the Hostile Talent, the next level of high-octane, whiskey-fueled guitar-driven Punk-Rock ‘N’ Fuckin’ Roll! You know Dirk from The Vermin (R.I.P.), Vegas’ longest running and most notorious punk band for 20 years but this band is next level shit, think, The Clash meets AC/DC and the Adolescents with a Motörhead chaser. Dirk is joined by Adam Bomb from The Faction on lead guitar. Turbo Proctor from The Vermin on drums & Paolo Del Carmen from Thee Vegascendents on Bass! A formidable crew, to be sure!

“Your father’s punk rock”… not a slur, more a battle cry!