Monday, May 27 | 3:40 - 4:00 PM
Festival Second Stage

In case you wondered… Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t dead. It just moved to Bali and opened up a bar. But even life on an exotic island can get monotonous. Especially when you’re Madé J. So, the restless rocker decided to get back at what he does best: strap on a six string and tear up the studio. Ambitions – and alcohol flow – were high for his third release on Mottow Soundz, as Madé set out to reinterpret some of his favourite tunes. From Sly to Slayer, throwing in some Waits along the way… All of it recorded live, in 3 takes. ‘Cause who’s got time to waste, when the world (and that bar) is waiting for you? So crank up the volume, pour yourself a shot, and get ready to rumble… once again.