Saturday, May 25 | 2:30 - 2:50 PM
Festival Second Stage

With the arrival of their 15-song release on Headcheck Records, Los Angeles punk & roll paragons Turbulent Hearts don’t merely cement an already solid reputation; they elevate it to a radical new altitude. Bandleader/songwriter Suzi Moon, who made her bones as a teenage terror with big sis Liza Grave’s in Civet; the globally infamous “femme fatale punk rock” band who released two albums on Tim Armstrong’s label, Hellcat Records in the early 00’s. Suzi Moon conjures high-voltage guitar thrills and intense soul-baring vocals that combine for a richly satisfying flurry of musical knock out punches. Urged on with volcanic velocity by a killer rhythm section, Turbulent Heart’s raging emotional veracity and sheer, roaring oomph rates the band as an unrivaled force.