Grab your ball(s), 3 of your closest mates and join over 500 fellow Punks to compete in an amateur tournament over a 3 day period for cold, hard cash! We’re doing things a bit differently this year so be sure to see below for the new additions, information and rules. See below for rules and information. 

We will warn you in advance that there will be loud punk music being blasted at you from every angle, scantily clad competitors, a never ending cocktail server at your service and other untold distractions! Best of luck to you, hope to see you in the winners circle!


Friday, May 22 / Bowler Check-in  – Poster pick up from 4-7pm at the merch booth in the Golden Nugget (across from Red Sushi). This will be the only place to pick up your team’s posters.

Saturday, May 23, 11:30am-1:30pm – Teams compete for the highest 3 game total! Shuttle Buses leave at 10:30am (outside Carson Tower)

Sunday, May 24, 11:30am – 3pm Preliminary Playoff Rounds – Top 60 teams from day 1, battle for a spot in the Semifinals! Shuttle buses leave at 10:30am (outside Carson Tower)

NEW! Monday, May 25, 11:30am – 1:30pm The Final Four teams will bowl in the Semi-Finals and Finals at the Nerd Bar in Downtown Vegas. There will be a special guest band performing, drink specials and other surprises!! Everyone 21+ is welcome to come join the party! (until capacity)


Each team of 4 bowlers costs $220. 

This registration fee enters your team in the tournament to bowl Saturday. If you make the top 60 teams, you will advance to the playoffs the following day. Each bowler will also receive a Limited Edition PRB poster!

Once you pay for your team, you will get a confirmation email stating that you have a lane.


One team member for each team will be required to sign for and pick up all 4 posters on Friday, May 22, between 4-7pm at the bowlers table in the Foyer of the Golden Nugget Grand Ballroom. (Located across from Red Sushi on the Casino level of the Rush Tower.)


To give everyone a fair shot at the prize money, we have implemented a handicap system that is now based on 85% of the difference of your average subtracted from 200. So let’s say you averaged 120 points over your 3 games, we would deduct 120 points from 200, multiply the remaining 80 points X 85% and give you a starting handicap of 68 points per game. If you bowled last year, your handicap will be based on the average of your 3 games from the first day only. HANDICAPS ARE ONLY CARRIED OVER FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR. If you didn’t bowl last year, your handicap will be calculated AFTER you bowl your 3 games on day 1, and added to your total score throughout the entire tournament.

If you are a returning bowler and on a different team this year, let us know your previous team when you register so we can get your handicap. This must be done before we send out lane assignments. Failure to notify us that you were a previous bowler will nullify your handicap from last year and you will get a new one based on your first days bowling this year. The order you submit your names at the time of registration is the order you will bowl in. Each returning bowler will have their handicap assigned at that time. We will send out an e-mail about a week before the tournament with a link to access your lane assignment and team info.

Please keep in mind that there are 500+ bowlers to keep track of. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LET US KNOW IF YOU CHANGED TEAMS or if you need to correct any of the information we have.


You will be bowling league style, switching lanes for each frame that you bowl. Look at the arrow next to your name on the screen, which will tell you what lane you should be bowling on for that frame. 

If you are one of the top 60 teams that made the playoffs (check social media for results Saturday evening), CONGRATULATIONS!
Finals will take place at Sam’s Town and you will need to catch your shuttle bus at the same location as day one. The buses will leave at 10:30am.

Find your lane assignment on the board, and get over there. You will be playing head to head elimination rounds, winners advance and losers are finished. If you lose, you will place according to your total team score from that round only. Round 1 – 33rd through 60th place, Round 2 – 17th through 32nd place, Round 3 – 9th through 16th place, Round 4- 5th through 8th place.

Semifinals will take place at the Nerd Bar right in Downtown Vegas on Monday! Top 4 teams advance to compete in Round 5 which will determine 3rd & 4th place and the Final Championship Round which will be head to head for 1st and 2nd place.

If you make the playoffs, you can ONLY bowl with the 4 bowlers on your team that bowled on day one! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. If one of your bowlers is unable to bowl in the playoffs on Sunday, please let us know immediately so we can give your spot to the next team in the standings!


Shuttle buses will be provided to take you to and from the bowling alleys.

The buses leave promptly at 10:30am Saturday and Sunday.

If you miss the bus, you will be responsible for getting to your assigned bowling alley on time or your team will have to forfeit.The buses will be located at the entrance of The Golden Nugget between the Gold Tower and the Carson Tower on 1st St. Buses have either a Gold Coast or Sam’s Town sign, make sure to catch the right shuttle. Gold Coast Bowling Center and Sam’s Town are only 4-8 miles from downtown and easily accessible by rideshare if you miss the shuttle.

The finals will be held at the Nerd Bar which is located at the Neonopolis Mall at the east end of  Fremont Street Experience.


Go straight to your assigned lane. If you do not remember your lane check with the scoring desk. Make sure that all the names on your team have been entered on your screen correctly. Do not adjust names or team names. If they need to be corrected, please check with the scoring desk.  Any changes made without notifying PRB staff are cause for immediate disqualification.

Read the Rules!

If you do any of the following, you may lose your handicap and get only your scratch score or have your team disqualified, so pay attention!

Inform us of any mistakes or omissions in your handicap from the previous tournament before bowling commences or you won’t get the previous handicap. You will get a new one based on your first day of this tournament.

YOU MUST BOWL with 4 bowlers, no exceptions.

Do not change the order of your bowlers as this could cause you to get someone else’s handicap. You may lose your handicap or be disqualified!

Do not change bowlers before or during the tournament, you will be disqualified!

Ringers will be disqualified and your team will be banned forever from our tournament!



Punk Rock Bowling Tournament is an AMATEUR bowling tournament. The tournament is for fun and we do not allow pro, semi-pro or amateur tournament or hi roller league bowlers to bowl

If you attempt to enter a team member(s) who is overqualified you will be subject to immediate disqualification and a lifetime ban. If in doubt whether your team member is overqualified to bowl at PRB, please email us at

All bowlers must submit their averages when registering. Please enter your legal name as it appears on your ID, not a nickname or alias. If you’re a new team you must submit your averages when signing up. If you don’t “know” your average as you don’t bowl regularly, please just give us your best guess.

Any bowlers that are currently in a league or have previously bowled in a league, must also submit the name of the league and the bowling center where the league bowled.

Maximum individual scratch bowler average allowed, to be considered for entry, will be 215.

Maximum team scratch average allowed, to be considered for entry, will be 700.

PRB reserves the right to “re-rate” bowler averages on day one at its sole discretion.

PRB reserves the right to examine tournament averages of all returning bowlers, compare them to submitted averages and “re-rate” bowlers based on those findings.

Anyone found misrepresenting their averages will be disqualified, their team will be disqualified, their entry money will be forfeited and they will be banned from bowling at PRB.

All interpretations of rules and rulings will be made by PRB and are final.

By signing up and paying the entry fee for a team at PRB, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these rules. It is your responsibility to share this information with your teammates and PRB is not responsible nor can we be held liable if you or anyone on your team does not read, follow or understand these rules and regulations.

Thanks for your support and patience and good luck on the lanes!

For Bowling Cancellation Policies Click Here