H2O, Lion's Law, Rude Pride, Empire Down Punk Rock Bowling 2019 Club Show SOLD OUT
10 PM
Fremont Country Club
Don’t Forget Your Roots, cuz we got H2O bringing back their East Coast anthems once again to PRB.
H20 helped define the term, “melodic harcore”, blending the unbridled rage of New York bands like the Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front, with the punk melodies of bands like Descendents and Token Entry.
From the streets of Paris and Madrid, come two of the best new Oi! bands out of the European scene.
Lion’s Law, built strong and true, return to PRB for the second time. Their music is like poison, it gets in your veins and always leaves you wanting more. Spain’s RUDE PRIDE are making their PRB debut with their infectious sing along anthems like Wrong Way and Living a Lie that combines Oi, Punk and even a little bit of Rocksteady sounds! Bust out your boots and come knock back some pints with your crew!
Be sure to show up early to check out Empire Down, a Hardcore/Street Punk group that hails from Minnesota and were put on our radar by our friend Matt Henson (singer of Noi!se). They will surely get things heated up and kick this night into high gear!
12:55am - 2:00am H20
12:00am - 12:40am LIONS LAW
11:10pm - 11:45pm RUDE PRIDE
10:30pm - 10:55pm EMPIRE DOWN