10 PM
Backstage Bar & Billiards
Los Skarnales  ×  Viernes 13  ×  The Paranoias  ×  The Steadians

Ska, Ska, Ska!! Vamonos Vatos Rudos! The legendary skankers and shakers, Los Skarnales are taking the Ska Train from Texas to Sin City for one night of soul sweat!

Also on tap are the Latin influenced, Ska-core, Rocksteady band, Viernes 13, there’s a reason why they’ve been an L.A. staple for almost 20 years.

Hailing all the way from South Central L.A., The Paranoias pair well with beer and are ribbed with a good time for her pleasure.

And to kick things off for the evening, we’ve got The Steadians, a 10 piece dance party of Ska who vow to tear the place apart!

12:55am - 2:00am LOS SKARNALES
11:55pm - 12:40am VIERNES 13
11:10pm - 11:40pm THE PARANOIAS
10:30pm - 10:55pm THE STEADIANS