Punk-Rock-Karaoke-Punk Rock Bowling Club Show 2019 Las Vegas
10 PM
Fremont Country Club
The tradition of closing out the PRB weekend with Punk Rock Karaoke continues! Come scream or sing your heart out and exert that last ounce of energy you can muster after the marathon weekend. It’s like summer camp all over again! You’ll never want to leave!
From the ashes of Scared Straight, S. Cal group Ten Foot Pole are a Bad Mother Trucker of a band bound to give you whiplash with their supercharged, passion fueled songs.
Get there early for Superfuct! They are heading over the falls and across the Pacific from Hawaii to Vegas, just for PRB! Time for these dudes to ditch the surf for shots and slots!
12:15am - 1:15am PUNK ROCK KARAOKE
11:30pm - 12:00am TEN FOOT POLE
10:45pm - 11:15pm SUPERFUCT