the Dils, the Weirdos, Punk Rock Bowling 2019 Club Show
8 PM
Backstage Bar & Billiards
The Dils × The Weirdos × The Stitches × Danger Friends
Don’t Miss Out on this Classic Party :
What better way to kick off PRB weekend then to celebrate the first wave of CA punk rock with a rare appearance by #TheDils who were once coined “California’s The Clash”. With timeless songs like “I Hate The Rich”, “Class War” and “Mr. Big” the band is just as relevant today as they were when they begun.
We’ve also got another Masque throwback with the mighty #Weirdos! Their infectious sound and classic songs like “Solitary Confinement” and “Neutron Bomb” have been influencing bands throughout every era of punk rock to this day.
“4 shows a year and a record every ten”, The Stitches are right on schedule. Taking the early punk sounds and making it their own has always been the way Mike and the boys have done it! The right way.
11:40pm - 12:40am THE DILS
10:35pm -11:25pm THE WEIRDOS
9:45pm - 10:20pm THE STITCHES
9:00pm - 9:30pm DANGER FRIENDS