Mariachi-El-Bronx-Punk Rock Bowling 2020 Las Vegas

Come belt out “I Would Die 4 U” from the rooftop!

Come belt out “I Would Die 4 U” from the rooftop, under a wide open Sin City sky! We’re stoked to announce, East L.A.’s Hardcore legends, The Bronx will also be packing their charro suits and sombreros for Vegas! Their alter ego, Mariachi el Bronx will be playing their first PRB set in 4 years! Viva Las Vegas, Forevers!

Joining in the festivities comes the West Coast based Ska-core outfit of almost 20 years, 8kalacas who will be making their way to Vegas for this fiesta loco! Do you dare to take the Devil’s Dance with us?

To kick things off, Imagine a smooth combustion of psychedelic-Cumbia-Punk, with a cinematic, orchestrated and carnivalesque twist. That is what you will experience when you watch the brothers Pacheco of Tropa Magica!

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