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What The F@%K Is Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival?

We suggest you also read our “What is PRB” bio to get all the details about how we came to be, but in short, it’s a get together of 20,000 of your fellow punk rockers, in the only city crazy enough to have us, Las Vegas!

When/Where is PRB 2020?

PRB in it’s entirety will be Thursday, May 21 – Monday, May 25, 2020 in Downtown Las Vegas!
The Outdoor Music Festival runs Saturday, May 23 – Monday, May 25
Late Night Shows & After Parties go from Thursday, May 21 – Monday, May 25.

When Do Festival Tickets for PRB 2020 Go On Sale?

November 22, 2019 at 10am PST! Follow us on social media for updates!

When Will the Festival Lineup for PRB 2020 be Announced?

November 22, 2019 at 10am PST! Follow us on social media for updates!

What is this Tiered Pricing All About?

Tiered pricing refers to a price per unit within a range. Our Tiered pricing works so that the price per ticket increases once each quantity within a “tier” has been sold. Exp. Tier 1 has a set amount of discounted (cheapest) ticket option, once those sell out, Tier 2 tickets (slightly more expensive) becomes available. Once Tier 2 sells out, Tier 3 (regular price) tickets will be available.

Is There a Ticket Purchase Max for Festival Tickets?

GA2 Ticket max for Tier 1 & Tier 2
4 Ticket max for Tier 3
VIP2 Ticket max for Tier 1
4 Ticket max for Tier 2

Is There a Credit Card Transaction Maximum?

Yes, you will be able to make up to 12 transactions per Credit Card.

Are There IN’s and OUT’s at the Festival?

NEW! For PRB 2020, IN and Out privileges will be an option available for VIP Ticket buyers! Details & Tix available this Friday, at 10am PST!

Will There be a LAYAWAY option & Does it Come W/ Presale Access Code?

YES, there are Layaway options for festival tickets available as of 11.22.19. The last date on Layaway to still qualify for a presale access code is Jan. 1, 2020. After that, layaway is still available but without presale access codes.

Looking for More Info on the Outdoor Festival?

Click Here!

Is There Really a Bowling Tournament?

YES, hence the name! Get all the details HERE!

Aside from the outdoor festival, after parties and bowling tournament, what does PRB have to offer?

Glad you asked, cuz we actually host a shit ton of cool (mostly FREE!) events during PRB including : Daily Pool Parties, a Comedy Show, Casino Lounge Acts, Art Show + More TBA.

Are The Events ALL AGES?

The outdoor festival is ALL AGES. Kids under 8 get in free and do not need a ticket.
Pool Parties are 18+!
The After Party Shows & Comedy Show are 21+!
EVERYONE must have a valid Driver’s License or Passport, NO EXCEPTIONS! (Yes, this means you too, old punks!)

What are these Late Night Shows & After Parties I keep hearing about?

Tickets on sale February 22, 2020!
*Your festival ticket will not get you into these shows.
These shows feature utterly insane lineups (50+ bands) that differ from the festival lineup and take place at various locations in downtown Vegas!
Late Night Shows are Thursday & Friday
After Parties are Saturday – Monday and take place AFTER the festival is over.
All the venues are walking distance from DLVEC (festival grounds)
Late Night Shows & After Parties are all 21+
These shows tend to sell out VERY quickly!
More info and details on the presale can be found on our After Parties page!

Where Should I stay & Do You Offer Any Special Room Rates?

Yes, we typically get the best deals on rooms at the Golden Nugget and the Downtown Grand and will have the PRB 2020 Room Rates available November 22, 2019 at 10am PST! We will announce on social media when they are available.

Got ?’s about Hotel: Reservations, Cancellations or Refunds?

Please visit our Hotel FAQ page.

How Do I Get my Kick Ass Band On One Of The PRB Shows?

We have a long list of bands that would love to play, but you are welcome to fill out this BAND SUBMISSION FORM and we’ll add you to our list of bands to check out. IF we have a spot for your band, we’ll email you. Follow up emails or DM’s on social will definitely NOT help your chances, so please DON’T bother!

How Can I become a Vendor or Sponsor?

Head over to our Contact Us page for info!

Still Have Questions?

Send us an email and we’ll try to get back to you asap, orders.prb@gmail.com

Updated 11.20.19