Punk Rock Bowling-2020-doors-and-stages

NEW! For PRB 2020…

We’re opening doors earlier, giving bands longer set times, PLUS more time in between sets to grab a drink and get between stages!

“It is truly a logistical challenge trying to schedule all the bands (130+) and loads of events, making for LOOOONG days. We talk about all of this, trying to balance everything but we know of course that no one can see every band, that’s just the reality of festivals unfortunately. We aim to give people choices, but still keep the festival fun and approachable, so bands and fans can enjoy PRB together. We do our best towards making that happen and try to be nimble enough to improve and adjust from feedback we get on posts, emails, and just hanging out at shows. We want everyone to understand that we do read your comments and try to fix the inevitable problems that happen. We will always encourage everyone to let us know what we can do to improve.” Shawn Stern, PRB Co-Founder

Stay tuned for more #PunkRockBowling2020 additions!