October 2019 Inductee – Kristian Basaraba

October 2019 Inductee – Kristian Basaraba

We’re stoked to induct Kristian to the PHC for his efforts in encouraging fathers to be more active in their kids’ lives and for being that cool teacher we all wish we had!

Kristian and I met at a Father’s Day event this year put on by his organization, Rad Dads Edmonton. Rad Dads is, according to their website (https://www.raddadsyeg.com), a group of fathers promoting and modeling positive parenting, and the empowerment of dads.

Rad Dads encourages dads to be involved in the lives of their children and the community at large. They host events, donate time and create fun outings for the whole family to enjoy. Usually these events are centered around punk rock, skateboarding, beer (for the adults!), and other things that are sometimes hard to experience with your child in traditional settings.  He recently put on an All Ager Rager, where families brought their kids to a real punk rock show. Cranked PA and all – at a local bar! Not only do these types of events bring communities together, but Kristian donates all proceeds from each event to a local charity.

As part of Rad Dads, Kristian further created the inspiring Rad Dads podcast (https://www.raddadsyeg.com/#/rad-dads-show/ – also on Apple Podcasts, etc), where he interviews musicians and artists who happen to be dads. He captures their unique perspective on fatherhood and what it means to be a rad dad. He has interviewed Tommy Chong, Reverend Horton Heat, Joey Cape, Jason Cruz, Jon Snodgrass and many others.

Kristian’s commitment to positive parenting and community engagement is part of everything he does. He’s also a science teacher, and brings guest speakers (eg. John Joseph) to speak to his students. He created a full-semester class where students learn to create their own skateboard/merch company, and learn about branding, marketing, design, and fabrication.

Kristian has a 7-year-old son and is also rad dad himself! He does all of the Rad Dads stuff in his free time, just because he cares about his community. Kristian truly embodies the DIY ethos of Punk Rock.

I hope you will consider recognizing Kristian for his amazing contribution to our community.

For a full listing of Rad Dad events visit-  https://www.raddadsyeg.com/events-1/ 

~Brett Baumback
Kristian interviewing Chris Hannah from Propagandhi for an upcoming Rad Dad’s podcast.