Available Now : Punk Rock Bowling 20 Year Anniversary Coffee Table Book

What started as an idea discussed between a few punk friends and the beautiful disasters and events that followed, have been chronicled in this limited edition, 9×9 coffee table style, hardcover book!

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Shepard Fairey Punk Rock Bowling 20 Year Anniversary Book

The Bronx Punk Rock Bowling 20 Year Anniversary Book

The story of PRB (all 20 years in the making!) told through festival art, photos, and never before heard tales and anecdotes from PRB Alumni like Cock Sparrer, The Buzzcocks, NOFX, the godfather of punk Mr. Iggy Pop and loads MORE!

Shepard Fairey is a long time fan and contributor to the D.I.Y. punk music and art scene and graciously offered to grace the cover with his art, as a way of giving back to the community he’s been a part of.

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Devo, Flag, Bad Religion Punk Rock Bowling 20 Year Anniversary Book
“People always ask us why bowling and why Las Vegas as if there was some sort of “plan” but honestly these things just happen with us. In the fall of 1998 Andre Duguay who worked at BYO Records told us that FatWreck had a weekly bowling league and we should do something like that, so we did. It was a few labels, bands and friends and we all had a great time. My brother Mark suggested this would be a great thing to do in Vegas and I said hell yeah, we don’t need an excuse to do a party in Vegas! The first year there were 27 teams at the Gold Coast and after that it just kept growing and selling out every year. In the true DIY practice that has been our guiding principle borne of necessity, PRB was known as the D.I.Y. Bowling Tournament it’s first 3 years. This book is meant to be a snapshot of PRB over the past 19 years and it is our hope that it captures the memories and spirit of the Punk Rock Bowling story that many of you have been a part of as we come together to celebrate the 20 year anniversary. Whether you’ve been coming every year, a few years or this is your first year, we’re glad you made it. Punk Rock Bowling is a gathering of the punk rock “tribes” if you will, all those who come together to celebrate the music and idea’s that have transformed our lives over these many years. We hope you enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed putting it together. And most of all we want to say thank you all for making Punk Rock Bowling the great festival that it is. We couldn’t do this without you!”
– Shawn Stern

Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Refused Punk Rock Bowling 20 Year Anniversary Book

“The whole feeling in the crowd was personal, like there was still room for human beings
beginning lost and ending found.”
– Iggy Pop
“They invited a bunch of punks to go bowling in Vegas 20 years ago and evolved that into a major music festival that still has the same feeling as a bunch of old friends throwing a party just for the hell of it.”
– The Pete / Bouncing Souls
“The place where oddballs and misfits gather to celebrate their uniqueness. I’m one of them. One of the family. One of their own.”
– Mensi / Angelic Upstarts


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