Killing-Joke-Flipper-Club-Show-2019 KLOS Punk Rock Bowling

We are BEYOND ecstatic to announce that we finally nailed down one of Rock’s most revered bands of all time, the elusive Killing Joke!

They are the vanguard of the industrial-post-punk-metal genre that many have tried to imitate and are a personal favorite of the Stern brothers! Jaz Coleman of KJ once said, “First you dream it, then it happens!”. With classics like “Requiem”, “War Dance” and “Eighties”, someone pinch us cause we feel like this is going to be a dream!
The great noisemeisters of San Francisco known as the iconic group Flipper, are bringing their ass-slapping bass lines and blues influenced Punk Rock to PRB for the first time! Conducting this steamroller will be Noise Rock pioneer and Vegas local David Yow of #ScratchAcid and The Jesus Lizard! Read More